Which woodwind instruments do I need?

You may be able to pick up a new instrument in a new woodwind setting but if you need to replace the old one, there’s plenty of options for you.

Here are the top six, in order of importance.


Geddes Geddis are a very versatile woodwind instrument and, like many, can be used as a starter or an add-on.

They are typically used as starter instruments, with one hand playing a bow and the other hand playing the flute.

This allows you to change up the timbre of the music with the flutes and strings, while the bow is still used as the main instrument.

Geds come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple acoustic and electric models to larger, more powerful instruments.

This article includes links to more information about each.

Geezus Geddias are often seen as a ‘good to know’ instrument and can be quite challenging to find, especially in Australia.

If you’re keen to get into the Geddies game, you can buy them online or get them directly from their manufacturer.

But if you’re just getting into woodwind, you’ll probably find that they’re less expensive and can sound great.

A great alternative for a beginner woodwind player is the Giddings Woodwinds Series, which are made from a range of different woodwinds.

They’re made by a number of makers including the Gaddles, Geddas, Fiddles and Gedding.

These are available in two different models, the Gudel Gudels, which come in both an acoustic and a electric model, and the Goudes, which sound very similar to the Guddies but with a more sophisticated sound.


Hammond Hammonds are a fairly easy instrument to learn, especially if you have a good ear for music.

They come in many different models and are generally made by small makers such as Geddings, Gaddes, Fiddles and Gidders.

Hammonds were popular among early music lovers, as they offered great versatility, from the ‘old fashioned’ Hammond organ to the more modern, Hammond-powered Hammond-like guitars.

Hammond guitars are still around, but they are becoming more affordable and are often made by companies like Gibson, which make the Hammond-style guitar.

They offer a good starting point for people looking to learn woodwind and can also be used to learn how to play a flute, but for more serious players, Hammonds might be a better choice.


Fender Stratocasters are popular for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are versatile and have lots of different shapes and textures.

Fenders are often used to add warmth to your instruments, but the Fender is also known for its iconic sound.

These instruments have a small volume pot that you can adjust to alter the tone of the instrument.

This is especially useful when playing a flutist or bass, where you want a bit of a punchy sound.

If that’s not what you want, you might also want to consider the Fuzzy Fender.

Fuzzies are usually used as instruments, while Fuzzes come in different models.

The Fuzz is a bass guitar, with a small treble horn and a larger volume pot.

It’s also available in a small, compact, acoustic model, the Fiz Fiz.


Basses The basses are usually very simple instruments, often being played by a small band of players and can range from electric to acoustic to acoustic and even a bass.

They can be found in the shapes of a bass, a guitar or a guitar bass.

Bass guitars usually have a large volume pot and a smaller volume pot, and these instruments often sound very nice.

Some of the best bass guitars are the Basswood basses, as these have a very distinctive tone, as well as a smaller and larger volume.


Bassoon and basses Bassoons are often called guitar players’ instruments because they’re the most common instrument used by guitarists.

Bassoons come in various shapes and sizes and are also used for many other instruments, from drums to electric guitars to acoustic basses.

They have a low volume pot with a very thick neck, and their shape allows them to be played either upright or with a bow.

Bassons are usually a good choice if you want to learn a more traditional guitar, but if that’s what you’re after, you may be better off using a bassoon or a small guitar.


Clarinet The Clarinet is a popular instrument in many countries, but it’s not just in Australia where it’s a favourite.

In China, it’s called the “grand piano”.

The instrument is very popular among violinists, as it has a long neck and a long string, which gives it a very good range of timbre and sound.

In fact, there are a number types of clarinet available, with the most popular ones being