When it comes to musical instruments, the world of music museum is a huge one

Updated March 01, 2020 08:30:56 Australian musical instrument museums are one of the world’s largest, with around 1,000 operating in every country in the world.

The National Gallery of Australia is the largest of the museums in Australia, with a permanent collection of more than 3,000 instruments.

Key points:A major museum in Australia is set to be opened in 2020, with the world-class music museum at the Sydney Opera House being the world headquartersFor more than 200 years, the Sydney Museum of Art has been Australia’s leading museum, with more than 7,000 objects in its collections.

Its director of museums, Professor David Gorman, said it was a “significant milestone” that the Sydney site would become Australia’s largest museum in 2020.

“We’re excited to have the Sydney Centre of Contemporary Art open, which will be the largest museum of its kind in Australia,” he said.

“The Museum of Contemporary Music has had a hugely important role in the evolution of the musical instrument scene, and will also provide a venue for the continued expansion of Australian cultural heritage.”

The museum will house some of Australia’s most celebrated and well-known musicians including the Beatles, Sting, The Smiths, Queen and David Bowie.

But it also has some of the oldest instruments in Australia.

Professor Gorman said the Sydney centre was “built to accommodate the musical legacy of Australian music”.

“It’s a testament to the artistic talent that has made Australia such a global cultural and economic force, but also to the incredible people that work at the Museum of Music, who will continue to be key to this journey,” he told ABC News.

“In the words of the Queen, it’s an art museum in a museum.”

Key pointsThe Sydney Museum is set for a major overhaulThe museum is set in a modern-day worldWith its iconic Victorian buildings and glass walls, it is a major centre in the countryFor Professor Gorman the aim was to create a “world-class” place to display music history.

“This museum is the place for that to happen,” he explained.

“It will not only be a place for us to learn about Australian music, it will also be a showcase for Australian art and the history of the country, and its musical heritage.”‘

The best place to see the musicals’The Sydney Centre will also house a vast range of other Australian cultural artifacts, including a collection of ancient Roman sculptures and a collection from the 19th century that is now on display in the Australian National Gallery.

“To put these two together, you have to have a collection that spans the entire history of Australia,” Professor Gumm said.

Professor George A. Smith, who heads the Australian Museum of the Humanities, said the museum was one of Australias greatest cultural assets.

“I have seen it from a very small perspective, but it is such a wonderful institution,” he noted.

“For many people, the most important thing about it is the people and the place.”

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