When does the bongo kick kick?

The new version of the Portuguese bongo instrument is about to hit the market.

It features a unique shape, a “bongo kick”, which makes it sound like a traditional drum, while also having a kick that is slightly wider than standard.

The new instrument will cost between 3,000 euros ($3,980) and 5,000 ($5,400).

It will be the latest of many instruments for the popular Portuguese folk instrument.

“The new bongo kicks feature a distinctive shape, which is unique from other instruments of the same type, and also is wider than normal,” the company said.

“The kick can be played with both hands, with a left and right hand, or with both feet.”

This makes it possible to play it with either a right foot or left foot.

The kick will also be available for €2,000 and €3,000, respectively.

The company also revealed that it is also making an instrument called the Marimba, which uses the same design, but is a bit smaller and heavier.

It will cost around 2,500 euros ($2,900).

In addition, the company is making an affordable version of its bongo drum called the marimbe.

This instrument will be available in four different price ranges of around €1,000 to €3.25.

The company said that the new instrument has been developed specifically for the bongos market, with the goal of selling for between 3 million and 5 million euros.