New York’s first virtual instrument family, Shake Shaker, launches in July

New York City has launched a virtual instrument library, Shake, that brings together instruments from the world of classical, folk, hip-hop and rock.

The Shake Shakers are a curated collection of music, music theory and other instruments that use the Shake framework, according to the instrument’s website.

They are intended for students in grades kindergarten through 12, the instruments’ creators said.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring Shake Shaking to a wider audience, and we’re grateful for the overwhelming support from musicians and other artists around the world who have helped us get the tools and materials we need to create this unique instrument library,” said Julie Gartland, the director of the Brooklyn School of Music.

“Shake Shakers bring music together that is as intimate as possible, and they bring a unique sonic experience to anyone who wants to get into music, whether that’s a musician, a teacher or a curious listener.”

The instruments come in the Shake Shapes, which have a variety of musical shapes, including a violin and two guitars, as well as an electric guitar, piano, flute and more.

The instruments’ makers said Shake Shakes are meant for those looking to explore new musical styles and create their own unique sonic landscapes.

“I think it’s important to say that the Shake is not a musical instrument,” said Gart, who is also the head of the School of Arts and Design at SUNY Potsdam.

“We’re not trying to make instruments to be a tool for you to use to create music.

We’re trying to create instruments to explore your own ideas.”

The Shake Shake instruments will be available on the ShakeShake website for a limited time starting July 31.

Shake Shakings will be distributed by the School’s Music and Percussion department, and will be priced at $39.99 each, the website says.

The students and teachers at the school can register for a Shake Shakable free of charge.

The instruments’ developers hope Shake Shaken will provide a foundation for the broader Shaker community, and help to open up new musical spaces.

“Shake is a new way to explore and explore new ways to explore music,” Gart said.

“It allows people to explore their own ideas and ideas that are coming from all kinds of different people and perspectives.”

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