‘God, why did you allow me to play?’ – Israeli singer –

A musician who is accused of killing two Palestinians has said that God, who granted him the right to perform, is a “sick” man.

The musician, Yaron Tzur, told Israel Radio on Sunday that he was “proud” to be “playing God” and that “he gave me the right and the right only to perform.”

The man, who was charged with manslaughter in the deaths of two Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian, said that the singer told him to perform a prayer to God, and when he started to sing, God asked him to stop.

Tzur said that he asked God why he gave him this right to continue, but that God “never answered me.”

He continued: “I never heard God, never asked God to answer me, I don’t have a need to ask God, so why do I have to ask?”

The musician also said that it was his intention to give a “spiritual service” at the funeral of a man who died in police custody in Israel, and that he had prayed to God to “bring him back from the brink of death” in a previous interview.

Tzuur said in an interview published on Saturday that he did not want to harm the deceased, who he described as a “good friend.”

He said that during his prayer service, he said, “God is angry with us” and he said he had no regrets about performing the song “God, Why did you let me to perform?”

But Tzurg said he was shocked when he found out that God did not answer him when he asked for forgiveness.

“I was so shocked and I was crying because I didn’t understand,” he said.

Tzin also told Israel radio that the only reason he was allowed to perform was because he was a Jew.

He added that he thought that he would be “banned from performing, even from performing at funerals” if he performed, saying: “The fact that I am a Jew is what made me allowed to play the song.

If I had played it in Hebrew or Hebrew, there would have been a ban.

If you play this song in Arabic or in Hebrew, I would have received a ban.””

I have a problem with you and with you, I have a deep problem with your actions and you are an arrogant person,” Tzin added.

“I want to get revenge against you, so that you can never play my music again.”

“God is sick,” he continued.

“God’s sick.

It’s a sick man, but he’s a sad man.”

Tzurg was arrested in January after performing at a wedding in a nearby town.

In December, Tzungur was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 5,000 shekels ($1,600) for manslaughter in connection with the killings of the two teenagers.

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