U.S. Air Force launches new cornet test suite for use by troops

U.N. officials say the U.s. military has been working on new instruments and instruments for the cornet that can help soldiers carry out remote missions without risking injury.

The military has not revealed exactly what it has been developing, but the U and the US. military have been working together to develop new sensors and equipment for soldiers to use in the field.

A U.K.-based company called Cornet Instrumentation Laboratory, based in Sheffield, is developing the new sensors.

It says it hopes to start using the new equipment in the coming months.

In an email, the company said it hopes its sensors will “provide real-time, realistic visual feedback for soldiers of the type they need to conduct tasks such as detecting and locating a lost or missing vehicle, or detecting a suspected vehicle hazard.”

It says its sensors also will provide “a better sense of the terrain, terrain characteristics, terrain types and the environment around the soldiers in an area.”

The military hopes that the sensors will allow troops to conduct their daily tasks in a safe and comfortable environment, such as surveying the terrain.