Alex Hamilton’s solo ‘Terrifying’ for Alex Hamilton on ‘Towering High’

Alex Hamilton, who sang with the legendary New Orleans band the Tremors in the late ’60s, has taken a momentous stage solo in his own way on the new album by Titus Andronicus.

The band, which has been making albums for more than 50 years, has been in its own solo universe since the band’s last release, 2012’s “The Temptation of Alex Hamilton.”

The album is the first from the trio since a solo tour of the country in the spring of 2016.

But “Towered High” has more than just a new album title.

It’s also Hamilton’s first album since the 2012 tour.

The song “Terrific,” which appears on the title track, is one of several songs that Hamilton and his bandmates wrote for the album.

“Tremors” was originally written as a solo project by Hamilton in the early ’70s.

It was released as a 12-inch single and eventually found a home on albums by James Brown, the Rolling Stones, and the Rolling Mills of the Grateful Dead.

“When the band came back in 1979, the title song was one of our most beloved songs and we had been writing it for a long time,” Hamilton said.

“I wrote the title in a moment of desperation, because I had no idea what the hell to do with it.

I was going to write it as a rock song, but the title was like a song about a man who had lost everything and had to put on a new suit and a new hat.”

The title track was written for the show, where it was recorded in January ’80.

“There’s a lot of emotion there,” Hamilton continued.

“The song is about someone who has lost everything.

The song was originally released as the title of Hamilton’s new solo album, which he has yet to release. “

And then, when you listen to it, you can really hear the sorrow of that man and the grief of the other people that he’s dealing with, which is very powerful.”

The song was originally released as the title of Hamilton’s new solo album, which he has yet to release.

Hamilton wrote the song after having a brief run-in with the band during the tour.

“We were on a plane when we got off the plane and they stopped us from singing,” he said.

Hamilton and the Tremor group performed “Trespass” in front of a live audience during the 2016 tour.

It became a hit, winning the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

The music video for “Towers” was shot on location at the Tremours’ former headquarters, the Tremour Hotel, and features the band members standing outside of a diner, singing about a young girl who is looking for her lost father.

“A few days later, I had this moment of absolute realization,” Hamilton told the band.

“That moment when you’re at a restaurant, you’re sitting around a table, and it just felt like the best song ever written was in front a diner.

It felt so real.

It had this energy that I knew was real.”

Hamilton, whose voice is not on the album, also shared the new title track.

“To this day, I don’t know what it was, but it’s been a life-changing experience,” he told the audience.

“It’s the most incredible thing. I don