How to play Spanish instruments

Mexican instruments can be played using a pair of molds made from bamboo or other natural materials.

Here’s how.

| AP Photo/Nacho DoceThe Mexican instrument maker that makes these instruments, Mexican Instruments, says they are easy to use, cost less than $20 and can be used in classrooms and community groups.

“If you look at a traditional instrument, the main component of a mandolin is the string, the wood is really soft, and it can be damaged,” the company’s founder, Carlos Linares, told Axios.

“With molds, we use the right materials, we are able to make instruments with this sound quality and this feel.”

These molds are made from natural materials, which means they can be made to sound good and last for years.

The molds can also be made using a special tool that helps them hold up to abuse and weather.

When it comes to the instrument itself, molds have to be made with bamboo or plastic, or something else with the right material to work with.

Linaros said the materials used to make the instruments are not cheap.

“They are made of wood, plastic and bamboo, which is a lot of materials,” he said.

“If we make a small instrument with bamboo, we can cost about 10,000 pesos, but with other materials, it’s not cheap.”

The instruments are made with plastic molds and then heated with a special heater to make them more flexible and withstand more abuse.

“The instruments can take a long time to heat up,” Linaroes said.

But he said that’s okay because it takes longer to make an instrument from the original material.

“It takes more than a year to make a mandolera,” he explained.

“And the instrument that we make is the original one.”

Makers like Linarez say the molds do the job, but they can also give an instrument a new look.

They also help make it easier to learn and perform the instrument.

The molds make the mandolin in a specific shape, so the instrument has a very specific look, he said, adding that it also gives an instrument an unusual feel.

“When you play, you want the instrument to feel good, to be able to play it in certain positions,” he told Axos.

“So the moths can help you do that.”

You can find more molds from Mexican Instruments at Mexican