How to Get Ready for a Wedding and What to Do when You Don’t (and Why)

By now you’ve probably heard about the song “The Wedding Song” by the band Kiss.

The song has become an anthem for many couples as it celebrates the joy of their wedding and how they can make the most of their special day.

If you’re not yet ready to embark on the joyous celebrations, you might want to prepare for some awkward situations.

Here are some questions to ask your wedding guests before you set out on your nuptials day: What is the reception?

What is my date and time?

What will I wear?

What are my preferences?

What do I want my guests to say?

What can I say?

How will we meet?

What would we share?

When will we get married?

What if something doesn’t go as planned?

And finally, how do I make sure my guests will be happy and content?

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