How to Get Away With Killing Your Asian Instruments in Music: ‘They Don’t Have A Good History’

When the pop star and hip hop artist YG made a surprise visit to a Chinese restaurant in 2014, she told the restaurant’s staff she had no idea the restaurant was hosting an all-Asian dinner.

But the waiter, who was a restaurant manager, had a tip about what she’d ordered and promptly called her up to apologize.

When she told him that she didn’t understand, he asked her to explain, but she refused.

“I didn’t think I was in a situation where I would say something like that,” YG told The Huffington Post.

“And I thought, ‘What if I don’t understand?’

I said, ‘Well, I’ve got an Asian girlfriend, you know.

Why don’t you just tell me the truth?'”

After YG’s initial explanation, the waiter called up the manager, who explained that the restaurant staff were all white, and the restaurant didn’t have any Asian employees.

“He basically told me to go away, and I was like, ‘Oh, OK, cool,'” YG said.

“Because I had no knowledge.

And he was like [in a Chinese accent], ‘You know, I think it’s time for you to go home.'”

YG, who is also the host of the “The Talk” podcast, said she was “embarrassed” by the waiter’s “inappropriate” request and that the manager “had a hard time believing” she was telling the truth.

YG was later told by the restaurant that the waiter was a “white male employee” who was not welcome at the restaurant, and she was also told that her “Asian girlfriend” was not allowed in the restaurant.

The restaurant manager said he didn’t take the incident personally, but the chef who helped YG prepare her dish told her the manager should have been more explicit with the server and asked the manager to be more considerate.

“So, that’s how I got upset,” YGs mother told HuffPost.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, YG discussed the experience and said the waiter had a difficult time accepting her apology. “

At the end of the day, I just had to do what I thought was right and the waiter and the owner both apologized and said they had a good history with Asian food, and that was that.”

In a recent interview with The Guardian, YG discussed the experience and said the waiter had a difficult time accepting her apology.

“They were just so embarrassed that I just didn’t speak up,” she said.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, YGs father, Jimmy, also expressed disappointment that the incident occurred.

“To me, this incident was a huge mistake on their part, and they should have just said, you’re a guest here.

I know that’s a really big thing for us Asians to know that we don’t have a good relationship with the Asian culture, but to just just say, ‘It’s a big deal because you’re not here anymore’ and then just throw us out,” he said.

After a few days of silence from the restaurant owner, YGo’s manager and YGs family, the restaurant manager decided to speak out.

“My daughter was embarrassed, and her mom was very embarrassed, that this happened,” YGo said.

According to YG and her mother, YGO and her family received “multiple threats” from people threatening to kill them, but no one was ever arrested.

When the story became public, Y Go’s father, Jim, said he received a number of threatening phone calls, which included an email with the subject line “F**k Your Chinese Wife.”

The email stated that “this restaurant has a history of white-washing.”

YGO told HuffPost she felt a lot of shame about being targeted by the incident, but also felt a “kind of relief that it was over.”

“It really gave me a lot more power and confidence in my Asian family because now I feel like I have a sense of closure,” she added.

“But then, the biggest thing is to be able to tell my story and share my story, and show that the whole Asian community has been hurt, and has been silenced and has suffered.”

The restaurant owner told HuffPost he was “not ashamed” of his “incompetence,” but “I was ashamed of the fact that I was not doing more to support [my Asian staff].”

The manager of the restaurant told HuffPost that “his job is to keep the kitchen clean,” and said he was unaware of the incident until it became public.

“This is a big problem, but we have to be careful about how we react,” he added.

When asked about the restaurant and its staff, the manager said that his employees are welcome to come in and have dinner.

“We have no rules, and if you are offended, we don�t know,” he told HuffPost in a statement.

“In my experience