How to build a powerful sound system from the ground up

A new article published by TechRadar gives an inside look at how to build your own powerful soundsystem.

The article is written by Andrew “DJ T” Davis, a sound engineer at TKMC Audio Systems.

It’s one of the first to go in depth on the subject.

Read moreRead more”There are so many different kinds of speakers available to buy now, and there are so few speakers available that it’s hard to keep track of them all,” he explains.

“The first thing you need to figure out is how much bass you want, because you need a speaker with the highest bass output.

Then you have to figure how much you want the treble, how much the mids, and how much of the trebles you want.

Then that’s sort of a self-calibrating equation for the amount of bass you need.”

The best speakers available today are usually mid-bass or bass-focused.

You want them to produce lots of low-frequency energy, which you can then use to make a powerful, punchy sound.

The answer is to get a great speaker system from scratch, which is exactly what DJ T is doing with his own system.DJ T’s DIY soundsystem was built with an amplifier that is used to make powerful, bass-driven bass.

“When I bought the speakers, I had to take them out of the box and put them back in the box because I was using the amplifier for bass,” he says.

“So I put them in a cabinet with a pair of speakers and two headphones and put those into a room with no music in the background.

I got all the components out of there.”

It’s like the perfect combination of the speakers and the amp, except that I’ve done all the wiring for the amplifier, and I have a headphone amp so I’m going to plug in the headphones and I’m using the amp for bass.

It just works.”Read more