How musica can bring a life to life

The musician is known as a poet and performer and is known for her song ‘Hava Nagila’ (The Heart of Life).

This year, she performs at the annual concert of the Israel Symphony Orchestra in Tel Aviv.

This year’s show will be the last of her life. 

In a Facebook post, she wrote: I have been preparing this concert for years, and I feel it’s my duty to bring a new perspective to this historic and moving performance.

I’m so proud of my country, Israel, for making me a better person, a better singer and a better artist. 

Her performance will take place in front of a sold-out crowd at the Knesset in Tel-Aviv. 

The Israeli public has already been given a taste of what is to come.

 Last year, her album ‘Amerika’ won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Music Album.

The song, which has become a favourite of the Israeli public, has been covered by many artists.

In an interview, the Israeli singer said that the Israeli government is aware of the popularity of her song. 

“I am really proud of the song and the people who love it.

The people who are hearing it live will have a lot of things to say about it.

They will say, ‘You’re amazing!’

They will also say, “I never knew there was a woman like you’,” she said.

I am the only child of a mother and father. “

I came to Israel as a child.

I am the only child of a mother and father.

And I am very lucky to be here,” she said, adding that she has lived in Israel for many years.