Dez Da Boyz ta A-Team – The First Cut Of ‘Dez Da Bitch’ Source TalkSport is pleased to present the first official audio clip of Da BoyZ’s hit single, Dez The Bitch, featuring Dez’ signature rapping style.

This song will be available for purchase on Da Boy’s new studio album, The Dez.

The track was produced by Dez on a single beat by his brother, The Killer, and it was mixed by Mike Dean (who also worked on the track for Da Boy) and featured production from DJ Drama (who contributed to the Da BoyBoys’ previous album).

Watch the video above to see Dez in action.

In Da BoyZone, DeZ also serves as the executive producer on the album.

Watch the full Da Boy Zone music video DezTheBitch DaBoyz album is available now on

It’s available now for preorder.

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